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Are you Pregnant & You have a Painless Intra-Oral Growth?

Are you Pregnant & You have a Painless Intra-Oral Growth?

Are you Pregnant & You have a Painless Intra-Oral Growth?

Are You Pregnant & You have a Painless Intra-Oral Growth?

First of all, need not to panic. Its non-neoplastic (not a cancer) Just a nodular growth in oral cavity. Totally painless but may cause disturbance while having food or normal tongue activities. It is commonly called as Pyogenic Granuloma or Pregnancy Tumor. But this term is a misnomer as it is not a tumor and it does not have pus.


Main Causative Factor due to which Pregnancy Tumour arises are

  • Local Irritants ( Decay or Calculus or over hanging restorations )
  • Traumatic Injury
  • Hormonal Imbalance

Located mostly (75%) on Gum area.  More on upper than on lower especially in front teeth area. Colour Varies from red to purple. New lesions tend to bleed easily whereas older lesions have less blood supply and don’t bleed when touched which is also due to increased collagen. Size varies from millimeters to few centimeters. Surface is very smooth. Cushion effect when touched. Young adults of any part of the world can get it (no racial discrimination)

 Only 1% of pregnant female get affected. Other females during menstruation & menopause. ( situations of hormonal imbalance)

Treatment is to surgically remove growth completely from the base & treating the cause. On such case treated with Diode Laser without any Injection or Suture or Loads of medications. Treating the cause is equally important as there are chances for recurrence if irritation continues to happen. If its caused due to Hormonal Imbalance it might regress after Child Birth without any Surgical Intervention.

Immediate Post Operative

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene throughout pregnancy & Interdental check-ups & professional cleaning before planning pregnancy, right from Day 1 is the best preventive measure. No complications except for some cosmetic defect.