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Endomotor For Root Canals

Endomotor For Root Canals

Endomotors have really become a very important part of a dental clinics equipment list. Most dentists who are interested in endodontics would want to invest in a good endomotor. An endomotor is basically needed for rotary endodontics for RCTs or Root Canal Treatments. It is the mordern method for performing root canal treatments in a more efficient and effective way. The following are the 10 reasons you should also invest in an Endomotor for RCT or Root Canal Treatments

Chair Time Reduction - You can save time by using an endomotor

Chair time is the most important and the most expensive resource of a dental clinic. Many dentists do not account for chair time costs when they do cost analysis. Root Canals are the most commonly performed treatments by the dentist and the endodontist. Endodontics is the primary treatment offered by most dentists. Hence the maximum time of the dentist and the dental clinic is used in RCTs or Root Canal Treatments.

A good endomotor like the Healix Endomatic can reduce your chairtime by more than 50% for root canal treatments. This would mean less fatigue and lower lower chair time costs. I will write about chair time costs in another article. Hand filing is a traditional process of performing root canals. But with rotary endodontics using endomotors the root canals can be done faster.

Increase Patient Comfort by using an endomotor

Rotary Endodontics allows the dentist to explore options of completing the Root Canal Cleaning and Obturation in a single sitting. This would mean that the dentist will inject the local anesthetic only once and hence this provides a great amount of satisfaction and relief for the patient. Imagine telling your patient that since you have invested in an endomotor, you will be pricking the patient only once. This would have otherwise taken 2-3 sessions which would mean more patient discomfort and pricks.

Cost Savings by using an endomotor

The cost of engine files is higher than that of hand files but, when one considers chair time as a cost, the cost of the treatment drastically falls down. Also, one has to consider the opportunity cost of not treating another patient while you were working on the RCT patient for more sessions due to manual filing systems. Most dentist experience a cost saving of more than 25% to 30%

Get a Healix Endomatic - microprocessor controlled Endomotor

Now that you have understood the reasons to invest in a good Endomotor, let me introduce to you the best Endomotor in India. The Healix Endomatic is the most cost effective and efficient Endomotor in India. The Healix Endomatic has both Auto Torque and Auto Reverse. It is controlled using a microprocessor which is capable of measuring torque levels from 3mNm to 52mNm and speeds upto 600 rpm.

The Healix Endomatic can sense the Torque on the file. Which means, that is the torque or pressure on the file is more than the threshold torque or pressure on the file then the motor would either stop or reverse depending on the mode selected. This function of the reverse motion of the file is called Auto Reverse. Since the file reverses in motion, it frees itself from the tooth and hence a file separation is avoided or prevented. The Healix Endomatic is the fastest selling Endomotor in India with more than 15,000 dentists using it across India.


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