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About Dr Nivea's

About Dr.Nivea's

Dr.Nivea’s Dental Care is equipped with most up-to-date treatment procedures and armamentarium. We achieve beautiful smiles for each of our patients by providing high quality treatment in the most possible & compassionate way.

We are pioneers when it comes to Laser & Microscope assisted dental practise due to which we guarantee precision.

Patient comes to us with pain. Pain may be physical due to any diseased condition or mentally due to disfigured smile. Our team is specialised in finding out the factor that is bothering You and give a relaxed smile to our patients and clients. We provide wide range of oral health care services ranging from general checkup and cleaning to extractions, root canal therapy, crown and bridge, teeth whitening, fissure seals, veneers, dentures, implant dentistry etc.

Dr.Nivea’s Dental staff will ensure that your visit remain pleasurable & give you complete instructions and treatment protocol explanation along with models and presentation until you understand the procedure completely without any doubts.

We are making world class dentistry (golden standard treatment) affordable. We use only quality German standard materials which we will prefer or recommend to our kith and kin.

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