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Calculus & Stains

Calculus & Stains

If plaque is left for long, calcium deposits harden the plaque to form tartar. Tartar is tenacious, and hard to remove with normal brushing and causes the gums to recede.Gum disease will set in, often along with bad breath.

Dental Scaling Treatment : (Less Than 3mm Gum Recession)

Scaling is removal of tartar and stains from teeth. In Addition, Our dentist, Dr. Nivea Arunan will educate and instruct patient on maintaining your teeth effectively. All things considered prevention is better than cure. In addition, your daily oral hygiene routine is especially important in maintaining healthy teeth.

Dentists agree that it is equally important to maintain daily oral hygiene. Furthermore, this routine should consist of brushing twice a day and inerproximal cleaning with floss or waterpik. Healthy gums are equally important and essential for a healthy mouth.

Three Stages Of Dental Scaling


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